We are continuously working to improve the accessibility of content on our website. Below, you’ll find a few recommendations to help make your browsing experience more accessible.

If you have trouble seeing web pages, you can optimize your computer and browser to improve your online experience as follows:

  • Use your computer to read web pages out loud
  • Use the keyboard to navigate screens
  • Increase text size
  • Magnify your screen
  • Change background and text colors
  • Make your mouse pointer more visible

If you use an Apple device, there are a number of accessibility options to help you navigate and read this site:

For Windows users, please see the accessibility features here:

For Android users, please see the accessibility features here:

If you are looking for mouse and keyboard alternatives, speech recognition software such as Siri and Dragon Naturally Speaking may help you navigate web pages and online services. This software allows the user to move focus around a web page or application screen through voice controls.