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by Dr. Ellie Phillips of


Self-isolation has created new daily schedules for all of us. With these changes your usual routines probably went out the window. Some things to consider when it comes to your oral health:


Endless Snacks and Drinking:

Are you snacking and drinking more frequently? With easy access to the kitchen, this is easy to do.  Frequent snacking and sipping on drinks can do damage to your teeth. Try to incorporate “no eat/no drink” creaks in your day for the health of your teeth. And follow all eating and drinking with a few Zellie’s mints or pieces of gum to help protect your teeth.




Are you brushing your (and your kids’) teeth twice a day?  Daytime routines have changed.  Be sure you are still prioritizing your oral health and always brushing right before bed.




It’s hard not to be stressed right now.  Stress can impact your teeth.  Stress-relieving techniques will not only help your mind and body but your teeth will thank you too.  Frist signs on the impact of stress on your teeth are: sensitivity and gum recession.  Zellie’s mints and gum and Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouth Care System will help to fight the effects of stress on your teeth and help to reverse the damage.  

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