Children’s First Dental Visit

  • We recommend scheduling your child’s first regular dental visit after their first baby teeth start to show. During their visit, our experienced and fun team will make them feel at ease and show the dentist doesn’t need to be scary. Every member of our team makes sure to develop a good relationship with our younger patients, so they develop a good routine of visiting the dentist. We make sure to answer all questionsfrom both child and parent.


Here’s what you can expect during your child’s first visit:

  • Examination of the mouth, teeth, and gums
  • Evaluation of adverse habits, like thumb-sucking
  • Check to see if your child needs fluoride
  • Teach your child about cleaning his or her teeth and gums
  • Suggest a schedule for regular dental visits

The visit will be at a pace comfortable to you and your child. Rest assured we are a judgment-free practice; we just want to help.

Comfort Beyond Compare

We all like to joke about how much we hate to visit the dentist, but fear is a very real thing holding many people back from seeing the dentist.  Many people suffer from dental anxiety, but we are here to alleviate any discomfort or fear you may have visiting us!  Read below to find out more about the services we offer in our office to make your visit more comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

Nitrous oxide is a safe sedative that is mixed with oxygen and breathed through a small mask that fits over your nose.  It is a very effective remedy for anxiety and its effects can be felt within minutes.  It allows you to feel calm and comfortable throughout your dental procedure and the effects wear off shortly after removing the mask.  It is safe to drive home or return back to work after having nitrous oxide.

Fresh Cloths

We offer cleansing cloths scented with essential oils to clean up with and feel refreshed after your procedure.

Warm Blankets

If you’re feeling cold while sitting in the chair, we have warm cozy blankets available to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

We offer noise-cancelling headphones for patients that want total distraction during their dental visit.  You can choose to listen to your own device, or we have devices pre-downloaded with soothing music you can enjoy during your visit.

Lavender eye pillows

These are wonderful for blocking out bright light while the scent of lavender will keep you naturally relaxed and calm during your procedure.  We are even happy to warm them up for you to enhance the effects of the lavender.

Beverages and Snacks

We offer chilled water, coffee and tea in the waiting room, and have a selection of yummy chocolate and sugar free candy at the checkout counter.  We want you to feel at home in our office!