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Sometimes, a tooth or its root becomes damaged to the point that either a root canal or an extraction of the tooth is required. If the root canal is chosen, you’ll likely be fitted with a crown for the affected tooth following the procedure. If we need to do an extraction, that’s when implants become a good option.

For a crown, most of the tooth surface will need to be removed before the fitting. Then we’ll take an impression so that the appliance can be created in a lab with a custom fit and color. We’ll fit you with a temporary crown until it’s time to place the permanent one. The permanent crown will be applied at a later appointment.

If you’ve had an extraction, we’ll likely need to wait until the gum and underlying bone has healed before we can begin the process. After the metal post has been implanted, the tooth-shaped crown will be applied for a permanent tooth replacement solution.

If you are considering one or more of these restorative procedures and looking for a great local dentist, be sure to contact us here at Livonia Family Dental. We offer a holistic approach to dentistry and will take the time to make sure all of your questions and concerns have been addressed.

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