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It’s no secret that using and abusing street drugs can have a serious effect on your overall health, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this behavior can also destroy your dental health. Left unchecked, it doesn’t take long for a drug user to begin seeing the signs of their abuse.

One of the most dangerous, addictive and destructive drugs is methamphetamine, or “meth.” This substance can be taken in a variety of ways, all of which cause severe damage to your body. Smoking the drug particularly leads to “meth mouth,” in which teeth are blackened and rotting. Inhaling the drug provides the same stimulating effect, leading to tooth grinding and a diet of mainly sugary foods and beverages.

Methamphetamine use is declining in the United States, but our work isn’t completely done just yet. We still need to make sure that our kids are educated on the dangers of drug use and taught appropriate methods of fighting peer pressure. If you suspect your child may be using drugs, find out more information at or ask us here at Livonia Family Dental where you can get help.

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