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When your tooth becomes weak or brittle from heavy decay, fracturing or other trauma, the best corrective action we can take is often a crown. Of course, the best time to get a crown is before you experience any pain. That’s why we may suggest this restorative procedure before you really think you need it. Don’t wait until your tooth hurts, especially when we can take steps to prevent pain.

A crown is made of restoration material and completely caps the affected tooth, protecting it from further damage or decay. The crown is typically applied to the prepared tooth with dental cement. Most crowns require two appointments to complete.

At the first appointment, your tooth will be prepared and we’ll take a dental impression to help fabricate the crown. We’ll apply a temporary crown until the second appointment, which is where the crown will be permanently attached to the problem tooth.

Crowns allow us to save damaged teeth that might otherwise need to be extracted, allowing you to preserve your smile while avoiding future problems. If we have recommended a crown as part of your treatment, be sure to ask any questions you might have before we start the procedure.

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