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At Livonia Family Dental, you’ll find us frequently making recommendations about how your food and drink choices affect your dental health. You know the biggie – avoid sugary snacks and drinks.  Easier said than done, right? We want to also tell you what you CAN eat and drink to best brighten your smile:

Cheese: We love our dairy in the Midwest, and cheese is high on the list of recommended food choices for improving your teeth’s gleam.  Eating cheese stimulates your mouth to produce saliva, which fights off acids and bacteria in your mouth. Cheese also has powerful nutrients that strengthen your enamel. This is one snack you’ll want to keep stocked in your fridge!

Oranges: Your mouth doesn’t do well with too much acid, but oranges contain a special kind that is good for your dental health.  Eating oranges (and other citrus fruits) kills bad bacteria in your mouth, strengthens your enamel, and keeps you hydrated.  What a power fruit!

Chocolate: You’re reading this right! Dark chocolate is an acceptable treat that can help your dental health.  The nutrients in chocolate decrease inflammation of your gums and provide special protection against tooth erosion. Keep your chocolate intake in check to watch your calories, but feel free to nosh on some dark chocolate for your oral health.

What good is a snack without a drink?  To improve your smile, water works wonders, washing away mouth acids and stimulating saliva to assist in the process. Milk is also a powerful drink for dental health.

At Livonia Family Dental, we know that Michigan families want to avoid any unnecessary dental procedures. No one likes to visit for fillings or root canals!  So take our dietary advice, and your next check-up should be a breeze.

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