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Sometimes the best way to approach your next dental exam is to come armed with questions for your dentist or dental hygienist.  At Livonia Family Dental, we want you to be an informed and knowledgeable patient.  We are prepared to answer all your questions and concerns about dental health and prevention.  Allow us to suggest the following queries to toss at us during your next visit to the office, because you’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers!

Is this going to hurt?

We know that the fear of a visit to the dentist is enough to induce nightmares in many patients and is the reason for a good number of cancellations.  Ask us if your dental cleaning, tooth scaling, cavity filling, or root canal is going to hurt.  We will tell you the truth, and we will do everything we can to make your dental work more comfortable and less frightening.

Why are my teeth so dull-looking?

When you ask your dentist this question, expect a few in return.  There are many reasons for dull-colored teeth, and by probing your personal brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking habits, we can identify the reason for your less-than-sparkling smile.  We’ll either recommend a change in your habits or suggest that you have your teeth whitened at our office.  At Livonia Family Dental, we provide a comprehensive teeth whitening treatment plan, one that will result in a dazzling smile.

Can you show me how to floss right?

There are many methods of flossing, so the one you ultimately choose is up to you.  We can provide you with a variety of methods, and show you how to effectively floss with each one. We will also provide you with a few flossing samples to take home and try in the privacy of your own home. We love this question, because we are thrilled that you are taking this most important step in your teeth cleaning routine seriously!

How can I get the best smile?

We love this question the most, because it gives us the opportunity to explore your personal dental needs and goals and work with you to create a customized plan. Whether you require cosmetic dentistry work, teeth whitening, or a simple cleaning, we offer many dental options that meet your needs and your budget. Ask us how you can be your best, because we definitely have answers to that!


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