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The enamel surface of your teeth is the hardest material in your body. Unfortunately, that means that’s there no “give” to it. Chewing very hard substances like ice cubes or hard candy can cause a tooth to break, especially if it’s already damaged due to decay.

If you break a tooth, take a moment to assess the damage. If it hurts, take some over the counter acetaminophen or ibuprofen. If the pain is severe, make sure you tell us when you call for an emergency appointment. If the rough, sharp edge of the broken tooth cuts your mouth or tongue, you can use paraffin or temporary filling material to cover it until your appointment.

Once we’ve had a chance to examine you, we can talk about your options for fixing the broken tooth. We may be able to repair a chip or fracture with composite filling material or with bonding. If a large portion of the tooth has broken away, we may need to prepare a crown for the tooth, or even extract it and replace it with an implant.

The most important thing to remember is to call Livonia Family Dental immediately for an emergency appointment. Whatever it takes, we’ll be sure to have you feeling whole again.

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