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What you eat and drink has a huge impact on your dental health, and that’s true now more than ever. You have a busy schedule, but you can still make time for healthier options with a little planning and preparation.

Sweetened sodas and juices taste good, but the acids and sugars they contain are harmful to your tooth enamel. Additionally, these types of drinks will also leave a high degree of plaque, eventually causing tartar and gum disease. Going for a “diet” soda doesn’t really help; you’re still washing your tooth surfaces with a highly acidic product. People who have switched to diet soda often drink even more soft drinks, since they can do so without consuming calories. Combine this with a several-serving-per-day habit and you’ve got some real damage.

If you’re struggling to reduce the amount of soda you drink, try limiting to yourself to specific break-times during the day. Don’t keep a can or bottle on your desk at work; replace it with a reusable bottle of water. Wean yourself down to one or two per day, perhaps with meals. If you’re chugging soda for the caffeine, look into your lifestyle; maybe you need more rest to have energy?

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