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Livonia Family Dental
June 21st marks the day when, with a little tilt of the Earth’s semi-axis, the Earth leans a wee bit closer to the sun and ushers in… what those of us in the northern hemisphere have been looking forward to for a long time … Summer! Yeah! Off come the jackets, and out comes the sunscreen, the picnic baskets, sports gear and whatever makes you happy this time of year. And that’s not all! June also brings with it Father’s Day, International Children’s Day and Fruit and Vegetable Awareness Day. Who knew you could squeeze so much fun into just 30 days? With that in mind, let’s check out a few dental-centered tips you can chew on while you’re soaking up the sun. Read more

Combating Tetracycline Stains. What Works?

Living with tetracycline-stained teeth can be a challenge to your self-esteem … and a challenge for your dentist to correct. The reason is those brownish-gray stains caused by exposure to the antibiotic tetracycline took place prior to the eruption of your teeth. As a result, unlike coffee, wine and tea stains that exist on the surface of one’s teeth, tetracycline stains are “intrinsic” stains, meaning they’re within the tooth – in fact, part of its actual makeup. Not all hope is lost, however. There are solutions you can implement in partnership with your dentist that can restore your smile – so let’s take a look at your best options. Read more

Protecting Yourself Against Oral Cancer

If there were a quick and painless way to identify pre-cancerous cells in the mouth of someone you loved, would you want them to try it? What if that person were you? The truth is, as uncomfortable as it may be to even think of the word “cancer,” thinking about it, and thus detecting it early, is the key to eradicating it. That’s why, if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you should schedule a visit. The oral exam that accompanies your cleaning is just one of the many things you can do to reduce your risk from this deadly form of cancer. Read more

Can Bad Oral Health Signal Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is in the news a lot lately, and for good reason. The illness, which infamously includes 300+ symptoms ranging from abdominal distress to irritability and depression, is caused by a severe intolerance to gluten, and can affect the body so diversely that even the tooth enamel of a celiac isn’t spared. Undiagnosed in 83% of all cases, Celiac disease is worthy of your attention – particularly when the end result can be multiple tooth extractions and dentures at an early age. Read more


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