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Here at Livonia Family Dental, we practice what is known as holistic dentistry. You may have heard the term “holistic” used in another context, but in dentistry it simply means that your dental health is related to your overall physical health in a number of very important ways. Think of it as more preventative than reactive, and more focused on health than disease.

Our commitment to holistic dentistry is why we only use composite fillings to repair cavities, and never metal amalgam that could contain mercury or other potentially hazardous ingredients. We also believe that proper nutrition and dental hygiene will help you achieve total health, because all of the functions and parts of your body can affect any other part or function.

Keeping a healthy mouth will help you maintain a healthy body, and that’s our primary goal. After all, wouldn’t you rather have a dentist who cares about your mind, body and spirit, rather than just your teeth?

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    Can you tell me please if you accept delta dental insurance?

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