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Tooth loss can occur from a number of dental problems, most commonly tooth decay, gum disease or injury. With only one or two missing teeth, implants are probably a better solution. However, if a patient is missing several teeth, it may be time to look into dentures as an answer.

There are two different types of dentures: partial and full. Partial dentures help fill in consecutive missing teeth on an arch, and can either be permanent or removable. Complete dentures are always removable and are prescribed for patients missing all teeth on either the upper or lower arch (or both).

The process of ordering dentures is simple; we’ll start with taking a bite impression so that your dentures can most closely resemble the former shape of your mouth. Next, the appliance is custom made for you in a lab. Once the dentures have been created, we’ll do some work and adjusting in the office to make sure your dentures fit perfectly.

You can expect a brief period of adjustment to wearing your dentures, and you should always let us know if you’re experiencing soreness or gagging. These are problems we can fix with a bit more adjustment.


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