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We’re curious, Livonia, Michigan, do you still have your wisdom teeth, or have you had them extracted? Wisdom teeth are a curious dental mystery, and you might have questions, such as:

  •   How do I know if I have wisdom teeth?
  •   Does everyone have them?
  •   When do wisdom teeth break, or erupt, through the gums?
  •   Will I need to have my wisdom teeth extracted if they erupt?

These are great questions, and at Livonia Family Dental, we want to provide you with some answers.

Your wisdom teeth can be described as a third set of molars. You might be surprised to know that not everyone has wisdom teeth.  You may be one of the lucky few to be born without a set.  For most people, however, having wisdom teeth can be very problematic. If they fail to erupt through your gums, your other teeth may become misaligned as a result. If they partially erupt, you stand a higher chance of developing gum disease in that area, as wisdom teeth are notoriously difficult to keep clean. Impacted wisdom teeth are far too common, because your mouth only has so much room to accommodate all of your teeth.  At Livonia Family Dental, we understand that dealing with wisdom teeth can cause worry and discomfort, and we want to help! When you come to our Livonia office for your regularly scheduled dental check-up, we’ll take x-rays to confirm the presence of your wisdom teeth.

There is not much you can do to prevent problems with your wisdom teeth. We frequently recommend that you have them removed if they have not erupted or have only partially erupted. Because a family dentist does not typically perform wisdom teeth extractions, we will refer you to a surgical specialist. During the extraction, you can expect to be put under general anesthesia. Afterwards, expect some residual swelling, bleeding, and tenderness in your mouth and surrounding facial areas.  The worst of the pain and discomfort will be over in a few days.

You can then resume your routine dental care with Livonia Family Dental.

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