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Air abrasion is a method for removing small amounts of decay from teeth, especially in preparation for the application of composite filling material. Air abrasion can also be used to remove stains, smooth chips and repair cracks in teeth.

Because air abrasion is much gentler than drilling, we may not need to use any type of anesthetic with this procedure, providing yet another reason why prompt identification of decay is so important. If we can catch a cavity in the earliest stages, we can save you time and money during the filling process. We can also help you avoid an injection, if you prefer.

Air abrasion won’t work to replace drilling in all situations. If your cavity is too deep, or is near the pulp of your tooth, we’ll likely need to use an anesthetic and drill instead of using air abrasion. If you have sensitive teeth, you might still need anesthetic with this process.

Ask us about air abrasion to correct chips, stains, cracks or small cavities, and we’ll give you all the information on this new technology. As always, Livonia Family Dental is here to provide you with the best possible holistic dental care available.

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