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If you have missing or broken teeth, or perhaps just aging and unsightly dental work, you may be a candidate for one or more restorative treatments from Livonia Family Dental. Here’s quick look at some of the restorative treatments we offer and which is best suited to your situation.


Crowns are appliances that are created in a laboratory to match and cover one damaged or decayed tooth. These are typically applied following a root canal or to correct a broken tooth that cannot be reshaped with composite filling material.


A bridge, or partial denture, replaces two or more teeth in a continuous row. These appliances are also created from an impression and are removable for sleep and cleaning. Bridges are a good solution when you’re not a good candidate for implants or need to replace several missing teeth.


Implants are like crowns that are attached to a metal post which has been surgically implanted in the bone of your jaw. Implants are a good choice for those who only need to fill in for one or two missing teeth, especially if those teeth are not adjacent to one another. Implants require at least two appointments with a healing period between.


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