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If you’re having a hard time getting your teen in for a quarterly visit, you’ve probably heard some—or all—of these excuses. Why is your teen fighting you on this? Here’s a quick look into the mind of your favorite adolescent and how to combat each of the top five concerns.

  1. Fear: Everyone is afraid of the unknown, and unfortunately, dentists have gotten a bad rap in the “urban legend” department. Talk to your child and make sure he knows that we’ll customize the treatment and discuss every step of every procedure before it happens.
  2. Pain: Again, dental procedures aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as pop culture depicts. If your teen is afraid of a painful procedure, let’s talk about it first and develop a plan for managing both comfort and anxiety.
  3. Vanity: Your teen may be worried that a filling won’t look natural, or that he or she will end up with unattractive dental appliances. If that’s the case, remind her that we use only composite fillings that are perfected matched to the shade of your teeth.
  4. Time: Quarterly checkups, tooth cleanings and exams don’t really take that long; what’s an hour once every three months to keep that beautiful smile?
  5. Judgment: Teens aren’t fond of being lectured or told what to do. That’s why we make it a point to work with you and your child as a team to arrive at the best path toward dental health.

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