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The effect of sugar on your dental health has been well established, however many parents are still dropping the ball on finding and stocking good, healthy snacks for their kids. Of course, it’s not easy to convince a kid to go for a carrot stick over a candy bar, so how do we help them make better choices?

The best thing you can do to influence your kids’ diet choices is to be a good role model. If you can develop the habit of reaching for healthy, low-sugar snacks, you’ll make it easier for your kids to follow suit.

Fruits and vegetables are the best snacks to keep on hand. Rather than buying pre-packaged “snack” products from your grocer, pick up a bunch of raw carrots and celery. Wash, peel and cut snack-sized portions, and keep them in individual storage bags in your refrigerator. When you need a quick snack, the work has already been done for you!

Make sure to read labels on any trail mix or granola bars; many of these contain just as much sugar as a candy bar and should be avoided. Still have questions about good snacks for your kids? Ask Livonia Family Dental!

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