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Any child who is active in sports should always have a properly chosen mouthguard and well-fitting mouthguard. Once you have the appliance, of course, you know have to make sure that your child is actually wearing the mouthguard. When a mouthguard is ill-fitting, dirty or smells bad, you’ll meet resistance. That’s when it’s time to look at your fit and mouthguard maintenance.

While there are currently several different types of mouthguards you can buy, it’s important to understand that the cheapest option is likely not the best. That choice could cost you even more in emergency dental restorative procedures! Instead, look for a mouth-formed mouthguard or even a custom-made appliance. Ask your Livonia family dentist if you need advice on the best types of mouthguards and where to purchase them.

Now, for the maintenance: taking care of your child’s mouthguard isn’t really that difficult. You must keep the appliance clean and prevent any damage. You’ll need to always clean the mouthguard after each use, and be sure to soak it in mouthwash before storing it. Keep the appliance out of direct sunlight, and don’t leave it a hot environment (like your car) if you can help it. Teach kids to never share mouthguards—in fact, they shouldn’t even handle a mouthguard that belongs to someone else.

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