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If you have Ill-fitting dentures or bridges, you’ve likely experienced the resulting problems of sore gums, irritation of the check and tongue and even wrinkles. In fact, dental appliances that don’t fit well are worse than not having an appliance at all! Ask your Livonia family dentist about having your fit adjusted and how to maintain your dentures.

In fact, most dentures will need to have a fitting every 7 to 10 years, at least until the dentures need to be replaced. That’s when they can no longer be fit to the shape of your shape. If you’re having those problems we talked about above, and you’re well past your initial adjustment period, you’ll know your dentures aren’t fitting well.

Maintaining your dental appliance isn’t difficult. You’ll want to make sure to use only a toothpaste designed for dentures, and soak them every night, preferably for at least eight hours, in a solution intended to clean and disinfect them. Finally, keep in mind that your dentures are made of a kind of plastic material; dropping or damaging them will be cause for a repair. Do you have questions about your dental appliance? Call us today or use our online scheduling tool. We’ll have you smiling in no time.


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