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Here at Livonia Family Dental, we use only composite fillings to repair cavities in teeth. We believe that composite fillings are the way to go for several reasons. First and foremost, they allow you to retain the look of natural teeth, even in the teeth toward the back of your mouth. Also, they don’t carry the risks that metal amalgam fillings can have.

Composite filling material is made of plastic and glass components, and can be dyed to match the shade of your natural teeth nearly perfectly. Composite filling material can also be used to repair cracks or even to slightly change the shape of one or more teeth. Composite fillings also help the tooth maintain structural integrity, and are less likely to allow breakage in a repaired tooth.

Do you think you might have a cavity? If so, now is the time to call us or use the online scheduling tool to book a checkup exam appointment. If a cavity is found, we may even be able to repair the tooth with a composite filling on the same day! Be sure to ask if you have any questions concerning composite fillings or any other restorative treatment.


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