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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all Americans currently suffer from some degree of periodontal disease, commonly known as advanced gum disease. That doesn’t have to be the case! We already know what causes gum disease and how to prevent it; all it takes is a consistent effort.

You can start correcting your gum disease immediately. First, start by making sure that you are flossing, brushing and rinsing at least twice per day, preferably after meals. Flossing is important because it helps remove the plaque that causes gingivitis—less serious gum disease—from between your teeth and at the gum line.

Your next step should be to schedule your quarterly teeth cleaning, checkup and exam appointment with Livonia Family Dental. Using the latest in dental technology, we’ll thoroughly screen you for gum disease and other harmful conditions, and we can even help teach you the right way to brush and floss.

Other things you can do to avoid gingivitis in the future include limiting sugary snacks and drinks, not snacking after your post-dinner brushing and avoiding smoking or chewing tobacco. If you’ve noticed gums that are bleeding, swollen, red and tender, or if you have persistent bad breath, call us for a checkup exam today.

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