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Let’s talk about anxiety and discomfort. At times, we may need to recommend a procedure that requires anesthetic. In other cases, our patients may choose a medication to help them relax. While there’s no reason to fear dental appointments, we do understand that some patients may be a little anxious about certain procedures.


Sedative medications can be administered in pill form or by nitrous oxide gas. These medicines allow the patient to relax during the procedure and will wear off within a few hours. Sedation can be minimal, moderate or deep, depending on the patient, procedure and level of anxiety. We’ll talk in depth about the options available and help you choose the best sedation method for you.


Local anesthesia is typically used for any procedure that requires extraction or drilling. We may also recommend a local anesthetic for treatment of gum disease. We’ll use a topical numbing agent before the injection to make sure that delivery of the anesthetic is also as painless as possible.

The American Dental Association published a list of questions for you to ask your dentist; reviewing these before your appointment can be very helpful. Above all, remember that the team here at Livonia Family Dental is committed to providing you with outstanding dental care.


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