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While the Affordable Care Act—commonly known as “ObamaCare”—does include provisions for dental insurance for children, at this time dental coverage for adults isn’t included. If your employer doesn’t offer dental or you can’t afford the premiums, you may be facing a situation without dental care coverage for your family. The real question is, can you afford to forgo dental coverage?

Take a few moments to do the math: each member of your family needs a quarterly checkup exam and cleaning; multiply the average cost of these services by the number of family members and then by four to arrive at an annual amount. You may also want to factor in the cost for annual x-rays.

How much less would you pay with dental insurance? Would your premiums, plus the co-payments, actually cost more?

Check out any prospective dental insurance plans and make sure you understand which procedures are covered. You’ll also want to note the co-payment amounts, deductibles, and annual limits when comparing dental plans.

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