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Last Friday we talked about situations where your family may be without dental insurance coverage. If you simply cannot afford dental insurance, your best course of action may be a two-pronged approach.

First, make sure you and all of your family members are all practicing great oral hygiene. Floss, brush and rinse after each meal, and avoid sugary snacks and beverages. Next, set up a savings account specifically for dental procedures. By setting aside just a little money each pay period, you may be able to create a dental savings account that will cover your typical annual expenses.

Finally, if you have a dental emergency, be sure to ask about payment plans and other payment options. Livonia Family Dental understands your concerns and our staff will be happy to answer questions and even recommend good dental insurance plans.

You may be able to get by without dental insurance for a time, but of course we would always recommend taking dental insurance is you can. Remember, your dental health contributes to your overall health, and is just as important.


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