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You may be able to request sedation for your dental appointment, depending on your comfort level with dental procedures or the procedures in question. Several different levels of sedation exist, and you can count on the staff at Livonia Family Dental to help you determine the right level for your particular situation.

Minimal sedation is where you are awake, and yet very relaxed. We can typically achieve this state with a mild dose of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide wears off quickly, allowing you to drive yourself home following your appointment. It’s also safe and very effective for frightened children. If for some reason the gas isn’t an option and you have someone to drive you, we may be able to provide a light sedative in pill form.

Moderate sedation is delivered intravenously. It works very quickly, but you will need a driver to get home. Deep sedation and general anesthesia will allow you to sleep throughout the procedure. These types of sedation don’t wear off quickly and are generally reserved for oral surgeries, like impacted tooth extractions.

Sedation typically doesn’t replace a local anesthetic, but works in conjunction with pain relief. We can typically rub a small amount of numbing gel on your gum before delivering the injection, allowing you to feel very little at all before the work begins. During the work, you probably won’t even feel anything! If you are uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to stop the procedure and let us know. Your comfort is our top priority.

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