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Orthodontics is a special kind of dentistry that concerns the straightening and proper spacing of adult teeth. It can be used to treat bite issues, such as over-bites and under-bites, and also to improve a patient’s jaw or facial pain in certain cases.

We most often recommend orthodontics – also called braces – for pre-teenaged children, after the adult teeth have all come in and we can see the final appearance and alignment. Most orthodontic braces are worn for about two years, although there are many cases that require a shorter or longer time period. We can give you a referral for an orthodontist, if you decide to pursue the treatment.

Those fitted with braces must take special care in dental hygiene habits, as food can more easily become trapped between teeth and against the gum line. You’ll also want to call your orthodontist immediately if you feel metal poking you inside your mouth; left untreated, this can case an open wound that is likely to become infected.

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