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We all know that small children can be timid, and a dental visit probably includes many frightening components including strangers, unfamiliar noises and being examined with cold, metal instruments. However, with some preparation, your child can become familiar with dental checkups and exams, and can be relaxed and comfortable. Don’t believe me? Here’s how:

  • Start early. The younger your child is at his first visit, the quicker he will become comfortable with the staff and environment. Most dentists recommend a visit with the appearance of the first “baby” tooth.
  • Introduce the dentist with a positive tone. “We’re going to visit Dr. Grunberger at Livonia Family Dental, and she’s going to count how many teeth you have!” Remember, if you sound and look relaxed, your child will be much more relaxed too.
  • Watch your language! Not swear words, of course; we’re talking about words that you child will associate with fear, pain or even negative medical experiences like immunizations.
  • Play time is a great time to introduce the idea of a dental checkup. Use a toothbrush and mirror, and show your child how we’ll count her teeth. You can also allow her to bring a small doll or stuffed animal, and we’ll count those teeth, too!
  • Don’t get upset or embarrassed. If your child has a little trouble relaxing, or gets fussy, keep in mind that we see this every day. No one is going to think you’re a bad parent if your little one is acting up. We know you’re a great parent, because you’re looking after your child’s health.

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