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We’ve often talked about our holistic dentistry approach and how we focus on total mind, body and spirit health. Taking care of your dental health not only ensures a pretty smile, but also helps to prevent other physical problems. Respiratory diseases are often associated with dental problems, so let’s take a look at the potential causes.

I high amount of bacteria present in the mouth has been proven to lead to tooth decay and gum disease. From a study linking dental problems with respiratory disease, it appears that those patients hospitalized with pneumonia and bronchitis also had a high degree of plaque, existing tooth decay or gum disease.

Good oral hygiene will go far toward reducing the amount of plaque on your teeth, and then the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Flossing, brushing at least twice per day and using a good non-alcoholic oral rinse are essential, as are frequent and regular checkups and tooth cleanings.

Are you due for an exam or cleaning? If so, be sure to call our Livonia dentist office or use our online scheduling tool to make an appointment. The cleaner your mouth is, the less likely you are to develop a respiratory infection during the cold and flu season.



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