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An overbite, also called “malocclusion,” is the term for upper teeth that extend beyond the bottom teeth. When you bite down, can you still see your bottom teeth? If not, or even if only barely, then you have an overbite. Overbites can be caused by late thumb-sucking or other childhood oral fixations, or they can simply be hereditary.

Sometimes an overbite may present no real cosmetic or long-term problems. However, if the overbite is extreme, it can lead to speech problems, excessively worn teeth or an asymmetrical jaw shape. If your child is beginning to display an overbite, make an exam appointment with us at Livonia Family Dental and we’ll look at the underlying causes. We can talk about how to help the child change habits or determine if the overbite is hereditary.

We can also talk about possible treatments for overbite, including orthodontic solutions, cosmetic dentistry or even surgery. While it’s easiest to correct an overbite in children, an adult can also see significant improvements in his or her bite with treatment. The most important thing is to determine the bite shape and underlying cause as soon as possible.

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