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How your top and bottom teeth line up is referred to as your bite. A misaligned bite can cause uneven wear to your teeth, jaw pain and and even an asymmetrical face shape. Do you know what your bite is, or how you can correct an uneven bite?

A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth don’t line up evenly with the lower teeth. If they align on one side of your mouth, they will be offset on the other side. Crossbites are often the result of late term baby teeth. If a child’s permanent teeth are already forming while the baby teeth are still present, the permanent tooth may try to come in behind the baby tooth. Crossbites may also be the result of a child’s swollen or abnormally large tonsils or adenoids.

Orthodontic treatment is typically required to correct a crossbite, including a jaw expander and perhaps even braces. The crossbite is certainly easier to prevent than to correct, and so it’s important for your children to receive timely checkups and exams. Dr. Grunberger specializes as a Livonia dentist for young children and will help make sure they have beautiful smiles to last a lifetime.

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