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While the underbite isn’t as common as other types of bite problems, it can cause even more long-term complications if left untreated. The underbite, formally known as prognathism, affects a smaller percentage of the population and is often hereditary.

Underbites can also be caused by a number of habits or health problems. For example, children with allergies are often congested, leading to mouth-breathing and pushing against the lower teeth with the tongue. Like other bite problems, those with an underbite can experience TMJ and dental problems.

There are a number of treatment options to correct an underbite in children, including orthodontic appliances. We can also talk about preventative care if your child exhibits the habits that can lead to prognathism. However, left untreated, adult underbites typically require surgery to correct. That’s just one reason why it’s so important to get your children regular dental exams and checkups.

Call us today to schedule an exam for your kids, or if you’d like to talk about your own bite problems. It’s never too late to correct these issues, but the sooner we begin treatment, the better off you’ll be.

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