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We all have that feeling when we first wake up, as we’re rolling out of bed: morning breath. However, sometimes bad breath — also called halitosis — will hang around regardless how much we brush, floss and rinse.

If you’re concerned about bad breath during the day, holistic dentistry calls for us to look first to the diet. Eating foods like garlic, onions and dairy products can cause a chemical reaction, creating sulfur and nitrogen compounds , which in turn cause bad breath. Typically, that’s only temporary. If you’re a smoker, you should realize that cigarette and cigar smoke will always make your breath smell bad. Schedule a check up with us and we’ll investigate the matter.

If halitosis persists, it’s time to look for medical causes. You could be experiencing the beginning signs of gum disease or suffering from a dry mouth. You should also check with your primary care physician to rule out more serious conditions like diabetes, or liver or kidney diseases.

Finally, if someone you love has chronic bad breath, you must find a way to broach the subject. Be sensitive, and stress that your only concern is that person’s health. After all, you’d want to know if you had a potential health problem, wouldn’t you?

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