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Along with gum disease and halitosis, common dental problems are presented at Livonia Family Dental. Did you know that you can avoid most of these issues?

Tooth Sensitivity

Receding gums and abrasive tooth pastes, bleaches and polishes are often the culprits behind tooth sensitivity, and like other common problems, this issue can usually be avoided. By taking care to floss, brush and rinse after every meal, and having quarterly checkup exams and teeth cleanings, you can keep your gums healthy. Using one of our recommended whitening systems will give you sparkling white teeth without the damaging abrasive.

Yellowing Teeth

You might not think of dull, dirty-looking teeth as an avoidable problem, but it usually is. Smoking tobacco, drinking coffee or red wine and certain other foods can drastically affect the appearance of your smile. Ask us about our Opalescence Tooth Whitening System!


Most Americans get their first cavities well before reaching adulthood, and that’s really not surprising considering our fast-food, sugary and carbohydrate-laden diets. Sugars and starches left on and between the teeth will quickly create an acid that dissolves tooth enamel, resulting in a cavity. As with most dental issues, proper hygiene and quarterly checkup exams will allow you to avoid fillings, crowns and even root canals.

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