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This week, Livonia Family Dental is focusing on some of the most common dental problems, along with the easiest and most effective ways to avoid them.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

We should be able to tell early-on in your adult tooth development whether your wisdom teeth are likely to cause you problems. Many people experience impacted wisdom teeth, wherein the tooth surfaces only partially erupt. This creates an easy access for bacteria to get into your bloodstream and can lead to severe infections. Using digital x-rays, we can evaluate the development of your wisdom teeth and provide you with a referral if it’s necessary.

Worn or Broken Teeth

This problem is usually the result of bruxism, a fancy word for “grinding your teeth.” Most people who experience this problem do so out of stress or misalignment, and it often occurs only while you’re sleeping. If we see symptoms of tooth grinding, we can fit you with a protective device to wear while sleeping, while working with you to get treatment for the underlying causes.


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