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X-rays have long been used in dentistry to help identify cavities and problem areas in the teeth, gums and underlying jaw bones. New advances in technology have recently brought us the Digital Panorex Whole-Jaw X-ray system, which we use here at Livonia Family Dental.

So, what’s so great about Digital Panorex? This system allows us to get one single image of all your teeth and the facial and jaw bones around them. We can also use these x-rays to look at the joints, nerves and sinus passages; this is helpful when we’re trying to diagnose jaw or facial pain. Digital x-rays can also help us detect early warning signs of oral cancer, and we all know that early detection is key to beating this disease.

As an added bonus, you won’t be holding uncomfortable pieces of film and cardboard in your mouth during the process! Digital x-rays are far more comfortable for all patients. Also, we can project the digital x-ray images onto the handy monitors found in each of our exam rooms. You’ll be able to see what’s going on inside your mouth, allowing you to work with your dental care professionals as we discuss possible treatments.

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