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We all know that a comprehensive dental routine at home goes a long way in preventing oral hygiene problems.  However, a quarterly visit to the dentist is also a strongly recommended component to prevention as well. At Livonia Family Dental, we know that many families struggle to schedule and finance their dental visits. The initial costs of a simple cleaning and examination can be frightening.  Don’t let the costs of a preventative dental visit to our office be the reason for your delay.

When you neglect your teeth, a minor dental problem has the capacity to turn into an invasive procedure and extensive dental work, costing you more time and money than the original problem.  When you visit the dentist regularly as a part of a preventative program, your teeth and overall health benefit.  We do a thorough cleaning where we remove built-up plaque and tartar from your teeth. This simple process reduces your chance of gingivitis and gum disease. We examine your teeth for cavities and check your mouth for any signs of cancer or other serious diseases. We work with your family budget to create a preventative scheduling plan so that every member of your family has the opportunity to flash a beautiful smile.

Would you rather save a few dollars this month and suffer a little longer with a toothache, or would you rather invest in your dental health today and have a set of sparkling teeth to show for it? Call Livonia Family Dental, and let us help you create a personalized prevention plan for optimum dental health for you and your loved one.

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