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Though it’s been highly controversial, the Affordable Care Act, known to most as Obamacare, provides dental insurance for children.  Unfortunately, coverage for the dental needs of adults has not yet been instituted into the Act.  For those whose dental insurance is not covered by their employers or through a state-run insurance program, you may be wondering how you’ll finance your family’s dental care. If you’ve considered forgoing dental insurance and prefer to gamble on not needing these essential services, consider these factors.

Your family’s dental hygiene is optimized when you visit the dentist on a quarterly basis (every three months). In addition, annual x-rays reveal even more information on the status of your dental health.  While prices for these services vary, consider whether the price of a dental insurance plan purchased through an independent insurance company is more or less than the total of the basic dental services your family needs. Include the cost of less routine dental procedures, such as filling, root canals, and scalings into your pricing analysis. While basic cleanings will catch small dental problems before they become bigger, sometimes the best treatment calls for extensive dental work.

There is a strong selection of dental insurance plans available if you and your family are currently not covered, and Livonia Family Dental is happy to discuss your financing options. Please give us a call to learn more about paying for your dental needs!

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