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Did you know that chewing sugar-free gum benefits and improves your dental health? While children often crave the sweetness of creatively-flavored chewing gum, parents can promote healthy dental habits and satisfy their craving for gum by promoting a habit of chewing sugar-free gum after every meal.  Here’s why you’ll want to pick up that pack of sugar-free chewing gum in the grocery store checkout line.

As you chew gum, your mouth is stimulated to produce more saliva; these additional fluids break down and disperse any food particles that would otherwise adhere to your gums and teeth.  When food particles build up on the gum line, gingivitis and decay occur. In addition, your saliva is an amazing mode of transportation for phosphate and calcium, and when you chew sugar-free gum, your saliva distributes these essential nutrients around your mouth, resulting in stronger tooth enamel and a brighter smile.

You’ll know you’ve hit the sugar-free chewing gum jackpot when you see the ADA seal of approval on the pack of gum you’ve selected.  The American Dental Association only approves products that meet strict dental health requirements.

Incorporating a sugar-free chewing gum habit into your family’s dental health routine is an excellent and fun way to improve the health of your teeth; be mindful, though, that it does not replace brushing and flossing, two critical oral hygiene habits which are the foundation of a dazzling smile.


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