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The American Dental Association recommends quarterly tooth cleanings, and Spring is a great time to come in for your own personalized appointment. We customize the treatment to suit your particular needs, and you can always count on great service here at Livonia Family Dental.

During your cleaning, your hygienist will use special tools to remove any built-up tartar on and between your teeth. If too much tartar has accumulated, tooth scaling may be necessary to fully clean your teeth. Next, the surfaces of your teeth will be polished. Your hygienist will also have personalized advice for you based on your procedures and results; these tips will help make your subsequent tooth cleanings even easier for you.

Don’t wait to schedule your visit! Use the online scheduling tool below or call us today and we’ll find the perfect appointment time to fit your schedule. If you have several family members who need attention, make sure to mention that for the best schedule coordination. Don’t forget—regular checkups, exams and tooth cleanings will keep you smile at its brightest.

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