In Senior Care

It’s no secret that seniors have their own dental issues and concerns, but what should a more mature patient consider when making dental decisions? First, make sure we know about your existing conditions, as well as any prescription or over-the-counter medication you may be taking. This information will help your friendly Livonia family dentist create a care plan that fits your individual needs.

Next, keep in mind that all the same dental hygiene procedures should be continued. You’ll want to make sure you are flossing, brushing and rinsing, perhaps even a bit more frequently than you used to. You’ll also want to make sure you’re scheduling regular exams and teeth cleanings. Quarterly exams — once every three months — will help keep your smile youthful and sparkling.

If you wear dentures, remember that we can help with proper fitting and maintenance. Above all, your dental appliances should be comfortable for you, and requires both a great fit and good cleaning. If you’re having any other problems such as tooth or jaw pain, or bleeding or sore gums, please speak up! Our care and retiree discount plan will give you something to smile about.

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