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The trend of piercing the lips, nose and tongue is gaining popularity in America, especially with teens and young adults. However, these types of piercings can be extremely dangerous, particularly for those who participate in sports.

Not only can oral piercings make wearing a mouthguard difficult, they can also prevent the guard from fitting correctly and doing its job. An ineffective mouthguard isn’t any better than no mouthguard at all! The hardware used in oral piercings can also pose a serious danger if swallowed, or if physical contact leads to the metal tearing through delicate skin and mucous membranes. Finally, the jewelry can also cause cracked, chipped or broken teeth.

The best solution regarding oral piercings is to avoid them; however, if you or your teen do choose to have a piercing, it’s important to remove the jewelry prior to sports or any other vigorous activity. If the jewelry cannot be removed, physical activity should be posted.

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