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The pace of today’s frantic world continues to grow with each decade, and more than ever we are encouraged to move even faster. Fast food, speeding, addiction to smart phones and working long hours all take a definite toll on our lives, but did you know that even eating too fast is really bad for your oral and physical health?

Those who eat very quickly tend to take larger than normal bites. This leads to problems with your jaw and teeth, and can even cause you to suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder—commonly known and TMJ or TMD. Inhaling your food without tasting it also contributes to obesity, as we don’t get the satisfaction from our meals that we should, and tend to eat even more to compensate.

Slow down, take smaller bites and chew your food thoroughly before swallowing; if you do, studies show that you’ll likely live a longer, healthier life. Of course, don’t forget to floss and brush after meals, and make sure you’re visiting Livonia Family Dental quarterly for checkups and teeth cleanings. Our holistic dental approach ensures that you’ll be healthier in spirit, mind and body.

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