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While there is much to love about life in Livonia, Michigan, sometimes it can become overwhelming. Stress encroaches from all sides – your family, your work, your finances, that busted water heater – there is no end to life’s daily stressors. It’s common knowledge that stress can ruin your mental and physical health, but did you know that chronic stress can impact your dental health as well? The gentle dentists at Livonia Family Dental can help you solve both your dental and mental problems. Are you suffering from any of these oral health symptoms?

Cold Sores: These painful sores flare up when your immune system is compromised, and stress is a factor in lowering your body’s ability to fight off the virus. Dr. Grunberger and our staff of compassionate dental hygienists are ready to help you treat and eliminate these painful sores.

Discolored Teeth: If you’ve been drinking more coffee or alcoholic beverages to manage the stress you are under, your teeth may be suffering. At Livonia Family Dental, we offer teeth whitening services. Once you see the results, you’ll feel better about your smile and want to show it off.

Pain in Jaw and Facial Muscles: You may not realize that you’ve been clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth when you feel stressed, but chances are high that your facial pain is the result of stress. If you’ve unknowingly ground your teeth down during a period of chronic stress, our gentle dental techniques can improve your smile.

At Livonia Family Dental, we can help you during times of stress. Not only can we provide the necessary dental services to relieve your dental pain, but we can also refer you to a specialist to help you manage your life during these stressful times. Make your appointment now to take the first step on the road to happiness!

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