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As a parent, you naturally want to allow your child the freedom to express himself while exploring his own personality. However, there’s a fine line to walk between this healthy growth period and a teenager’s desire to explore ever more unconventional clothing, hairstyles and accessories.

One of the most distressing trends, at least for parents, is body piercings. Oral piercings in particular can be very dangerous and can have life-long effects. Piercing any part of the lip, cheek, tongue or uvula can cause immediate pain and swelling. Because of the warm, moist nature of the mouth, these piercings are especially prone to infection. Oral piercings can also interfere with teeth cleaning and other preventative care.

Other dangers to oral piercings include cracked teeth and fillings or nerve damage at the site of the piercing, all of which can lead to emergency dental care. There is also a danger of choking on loose or broken jewelry. A pierced tongue can easily swell to the point of blocking the airway and can also make swallowing nearly impossible.

Talk to your kids about the dangers of body modifications and encourage less drastic and permanent expressions. Together you can find ways to let their personalities shine without causing long term damage.

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