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A “cavity” is an instance of tooth decay in which the hard, outer layer of your tooth is destroyed by unremoved plaque, leaving a small hole in the enamel. Plaque is the sticky film of residue left on your teeth and contains an acid that will eat away at tooth enamel. Most cavities are the direct result of infrequent brushing or eating and drinking sugary foods and beverages.

You can prevent cavities by always flossing, brushing and rinsing after meals, limiting your snacking and seeing your dentist for quarterly tooth cleanings and checkup exams. During these exams, we’ll take digital x-rays to help us identify the earliest stages of tooth decay, ultimately leading to smaller fillings. That means you get to keep more of your healthy tooth surface.

In cases with severe gingivitis, or gum disease, your gums may pull away from the root of your teeth. That can cause tooth decay in the actual root. For this reason, it’s important to foster great oral hygiene habits and avoid gum disease.

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