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Your smile should reflect your bright and happy personality, so why are you putting up with a less-than-perfect grin? As we prepare to head into Spring, perhaps you should look into your cosmetic dentistry options for a prettier smile.


Tooth whitening or bleaching is always a popular choice and is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed. We can use bleaching gel or light energy to remove stains and lightening the color of your teeth by up to several shades. Ask us about the best method of tooth whitening for you!


Bonding is used to repair cracks or small chips in the edges and surfaces of your teeth, and it uses a material much like that employed in composite fillings. Using bonding, we can also alter the shape of your teeth and even eliminate some gaps or spaces.


Veneers are a lot like bonding, except that the material used is different and veneers are typically created in an off-site lab. That means we’ll need at least one appointment to evaluate your teeth and take impressions, and then another appointment to apply the veneers.

Call Livonia Family Dental today and ask for more information about cosmetic dentistry procedures. You might be amazed how we can make you smile.


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