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If your smile has a number of gaps, whether from your natural tooth spacing or from a lost tooth, there are ways to correct the issue. Depending on the severity, number and cause of the gaps, check out just some of the possible cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by your local Livonia family dentist:


While we’ll certainly want to wait until a child’s smile has completed its final appearance before starting braces, it’s never too late to look to this solution for a smile that has some gaps or crooked tooth placement. If you’re concerned about having all the metal in your mouth, we can also talk about a referral for a specialist who does invisible braces.


For those with a gap resulting from an extracted tooth, an implant may be the best way to go. We’ll surgically implant a metal post, upon which we can secure a crown which is crafted to match your exact tooth shade and shape. If you have more than one tooth missing, a partial denture, or bridge, may be the best solution.


Bonding uses a substance much like the composite filling material we use to repair cavities. Like veneers, bonding can also be used to change the shape and appearance of your teeth for a more uniform appearance. This is the best option when you have only slight gaps between your teeth and creates a smile that looks as natural as if you were born with it!

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