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Now that we know dental decay begins happening in early childhood, dental sealants have become even more popular. However, adults are now beginning to turn to this quick and painless procedure as a way to help keep teeth healthier.

Applying sealant takes only a few moments per tooth, and sealant can last for several years at a time. We use a thin, plastic film material that gets painted onto tooth surfaces. This material acts as an additional barrier to food particles and decay-causing bacteria. While sealants aren’t a substitute for good oral hygiene, they can help prevent cavities.

If you’re prone to cavities or just want that extra added help in avoiding them, be sure to ask us about sealants during your next checkup exam appointment. You can call to schedule a visit today, or use our handy online scheduling tool. Shouldn’t you take advantage of every possible means for your health? Here at Livonia Family Dental, we help you do just that.

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