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Participating in extracurricular school activities is great for your children, teaching them about dedication and the arts in a fun way. However, the instruments your kids are using may be causing them dental hygiene problems.

According to a recent study, used woodwind and brass instruments were found to have a high concentration of mold, fungi and bacteria, which may be contributing to allergies and infections. These irritants were found even on those instruments that hadn’t been used in weeks. Some of these types of bacteria can lead to staph infections, asthma and yeast skin infections.

To help prevent your child’s band instrument from making him sick, we recommend a thorough cleaning following every use and practice session. You’ll want to take the instrument apart for cleaning frequently. Children should also be taught to keep any part of the instrument that comes in contact with their mouths as clean and dry as possible.

Finally, make sure your child isn’t sharing a band instrument with anyone else. While you can get a great deal on rented or used instruments, it’s usually a good idea to replace any pieces that come in contact with your child’s mouth before giving it to him. Help him keep his instrument clean, and you’ll reduce his chance of contracting a skin or mouth infection.

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